Renewal of Term Deposit

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      1. Your request will be processed within 7 business days after receipt of your application at RPC, Mumbai.
      2. You will receive the renewed DCA within 7 working days from the date of dispatch.
      3. For deposit rates, please visit
      4. if your existing account is a joint account, please note that signatures of all account holders are mandatory.
      5. Please note that if the premature renewal option is selected then the value date of new Fixed Deposit will be the date of receipt of your application.
      6. Amount for Deposit will be debited from the Savings Account selected above.
      7. Renewal instructions should be submitted within 14 days of the maturity date.
      8. Duration of Fixed Deposits For FCNR FD- Minimum 12 months and Maximum 60 months. For NRE FD- Minimum 12 months and Maximum 120 months.For NRO FD- Minimum 7 days and Maximum 120 months.
      9. All Deposits are opened with Auto-Renewal option- fixed deposit would be automatically renewed on maturity.
      10. A Recurring Deposit cannot be renewed.
      11. If you have provided your e-mail ID, we will inform you about the closure of your request by e-mail. Providing the e-mail ID here will not result in an update of your e-mail ID as recorded with us.
      12. ICICI Bank does not take any responsibility, and will also not be liable, for your claims if the details provided by you are incorrect / incomplete.
      13. If you are re-trying, first please click here to check the status of your previous request.
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